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QuickStream is a dedicated software application that brings all your JSE information and trading requirements together where you need them - on your desktop.

QuickStream delivers relevant JSE information to your desktop in real time - choose what you want to see and see it all in one place! No more switching between web pages to keep up to date - QuickStream handles everything automatically.

Choose which shares you are interested in and get all of this in real time:

  • Very latest live prices, volumes and trades for all your shares in one place
  • Full market depth
  • Top JSE Indices
  • Stock Exchange News Service (SENS)
  • Intraday graphs
  • Forex and Spots
  • Major Movers
  • Trading Stats

Once you've taken a trading decision, QuickStream enables you to execute it immediately with integrated order placement and monitoring. No need to keep refreshing a web page to see whether your order has traded - when it trades, you'll know about it.

If you keep lists of shares you're trading and shares you're watching, QuickStream helps you keep everything in order. Create your own custom portfolios for trading or tracking purposes and monitor them with one consolidated view.

Tracking the shares you're interested in is important, but you need to feel the pulse of the market too. QuickStream gives you a real-time market ticker which keeps you updated on every price changes as it happens. For an eagle-eye view, use our new HeatMap - which shows you volume and value gainers and losers in one intuitive view.

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